Payment Options

At Alpine Heating and Cooling, we understand that each of our customers has their own preference for bill payments, and their own specific budget. This is why we offer options when it comes to purchasing and paying for your fuel! Learn about our budget plan and alternative pricing plans below.

Budget Fuel Payment Plan

Budget plans are the best way to keep your bills from fluctuating too much in the winter months, and allow for easier budgeting and more predictability throughout the heating season. Our 11-month budget plan begins in July and ends in May.

How It Works: First, we estimate your fuel usage. Then we estimate the price of oil for the coming year and divide that by 11 months. You’ll pay the same amount every month, from July to May. If there is a balance at the end of May it must be paid off in June. If you have a credit balance, we will refund the overage or apply the credit to next year’s payment.

Heating Oil Pricing Plans

Alpine Heating and Cooling offers various heating oil price plans throughout the year. We want you to get the lowest price possible for oil, and we offer fixed and capped price plans or discounts based on our retail price. We also offer volume discounts, senior citizen discounts, and prompt pay discounts. To find out today’s price per gallon or current discounts, just ask!

Sign up for a budget plan or inquire about our pricing plans today. Get started by contacting us here.

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